At Space World, there is a full line-up of attractions to suit everyone: families, thrill seekers, fun lovers who want to enjoy a big splash on the water rides, and space lovers looking for that authentic space experience.
°Ł Space-themed

Space Museum

Humanity°«s development of space is introduced through displays featuring the actual items used.

Mission To Mars

With seats that move in sync with the giant video screen, visitors feel like they are piloting through outer space!

Black Hole Scramble

A white knuckle roller coaster ride that propels you in complete darkness.
°Ł Thrilling ride

Titan MAX

There°«s hardly time to breathe when this thrill ride suddenly plummets down 60m at 115kph!


Taste fear and exhilaration with this “rocket” coaster that blasts riders at 130kph to the top of this attraction, a maximum angle of 89 degrees and height of 65 meters!

Venus GP

A thrill like no other, wonder at the gigantic loops and twisting, turning course!

Alien Panic - Evolution

You are stepping carefully through the dark cabin, when something suddenly appears....
°Ł Water ride

Twin Mercury

This water ride has both a course with a 16m sudden drop and a relaxed course for small children.

Planet AQA

Experience the rush and thrills of shooting the rapids.
°Ł Family-oriented

Galaxy Theater

This is the IMAX theater featuring an enormous 21m by 28m screen that delivers an intense experience!

Lucky Land

This area is full of attractions for small children including the popular tea-cups and merry-go-round!


A roller coaster available for kids aged from 3 years and up.

Space Eye

A Ferris wheel with a pinnacle of approx. 100 m. The view from the top is breathtaking!
°Ł Swimming pool & Skate rink

MuNa Water Park

From “Lazy river” to the “Aqua gym”, this area has loads of pools for everybody to swim in. (Only in Summer)

Ice Skate "Freezing Port"

Enjoy ice-skating in this rink resembling a frozen spaceport!