°Ł Regular Shows
Space World holds regular shows all year round. Have fun with the characters.

Big Bang Plaza

The stage offers loads of entertainment particularly shows featuring the park°«s original characters!

Character Greeting

Lucky Rabbit & Vicky Rabbit and many characters will meet you.Why don't you have your photo taken and shaking hands with the star characters?
°Ł Seasonal Events
Space World holds special events according to the season, but at limited times only. Don't miss out!
Happy Spring Party
An exciting, fun festival with attractions and entertainment packed with spring colors.
Galaxy Summer Party
Gasp in awe at the fantastical night illuminations and enjoy the summertime with other awesome events!
Blue Sky Party
The fall event schedule has changed completely to: °»Eat, have fun~ and enjoy Fall!°… Spend the whole day at Spaceworld!
Hot Hot Party
A romantic yet powerful festival. The countdown is especially overwhelming, because of live performances by famous stars .... and more!