Lucky Rabbit and his friends live in Space World. This is the page for the Space World characters you'll meet at shows and events.
Lucky & Company
The leader with a strong sense of justice. Full of curiosity and loves to make people happy. Very well-educated and kind. Has no problem taking action when she's in a dangerous situation. A happy ex-space pirate, who loves thrills and music, but well-known in space world for being tone deaf. An informer, who loves his ten-gallon hat. Fast mover, and a real fighter who hates losing.
Powerful, quiet, and stubborn, but does have a gentle, sentimental side. Fussy about good manners and particular about cleanliness. Lucky Rabbit's butler, and in charge of all the household work. A warm-hearted doctor, who knows everything about space. A grand old rabbit with golden eyes.  
The Baroques
Lusts after power and influence, but incapable of doing things on his own. A cruel, deeply jealous, show-off. Baron Baroque's brain. Works for Baron Baroque. Lazy, but possesses exceptional yawning power.